Master the Future of Design with AI

June 6th, 2024 | 3-Hour Live Online Session | 7-10pm KSA

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Explore the synergy between Artificial Intelligence and design in our exclusive Masterclass, ‘AI in Design: Your Creative Partner’. Discover how AI can become an integral part of your creative process, enhancing your design skills and offering new possibilities. This session is crafted for design students and professionals eager to step into the future of design.


What You Will Learn:

Understand AI Foundations: Demystify complex AI concepts and make them accessible to all.
Enhance Your Creativity: Spark your creativity with AI’s limitless possibilities.
Hands-On Tools: Gain hands-on experience with immediate tools you can use to transform your design work.
Language Accessibility: Experience seamless participation with real-time English-to-Arabic translation.


You Will Learn From the Best:

Our speakers are renowned experts in the fields of AI and design, bringing years of practical experience and insights into futuristic design technologies. They are passionate about empowering the next generation of designers with the knowledge to integrate AI seamlessly into their work.

Masterclass Schedule:

1) Introduction to AI in Design: Concepts and Applications
2) Live Demonstrations of AI Tools
3) Interactive Sessions and Hands-On Activities
4) Q&A Segment


Experience Cutting-Edge Design:

Emotion-Driven Design: Witness AI translate emotional inputs into stunning visual elements.
Cross-Cultural Design Fusion: See how AI merges diverse cultural design elements into innovative artworks.
AI’s Predictive Evolution: Explore how AI anticipates future trends in fashion and jewelry design.


You Won’t Leave Empty Handed! You Will Receive:

 – A comprehensive digital guide on AI design tools, available exclusively in Arabic.
 – Digital certificates to recognize your participation and learning achievements.

The Future is Now – Are You Ready to Step in?

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